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Business channels are complex ecosystems. Most players in the industry know each other, are often connected and work together, but they are also competitors. However, only a few contribute to YOUR success. The way you deal with your partners is an important differentiator from your competitors. Nevertheless, there are certain standards in terms of programmes and incentives that you simply must bring. The question is: how can you meet the expected standards and differentiate yourself at the same time?
For your channel management, you need a digital platform that gives you the flexibility to tailor everything to your business model. A fast, agile platform that doesn't require hours of professional services customisation to be effective.
And we assume that you also only want to pay for the functions that you actually use and not for all those that you can theoretically use.
The platform you need is ChannelOS, the first solution for true end-to-end Channel 4.0. The seven modules we deliver with ChannelOS give you lots of features and targeted flexibility. And the platform scales with your channel business.
ChannelOS comes with Pay-Per-Use. While all features are available, you only pay for the ones you use. And also for the months in which they are actually used. This gives you the most flexible and complete solution with a clear ROI.

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ChannelOS enables Channel 4.0

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, and how it can make your business more agile and competitive in today's fast-paced world. Now ChannelXperts brings this level of transformation to your channel sales and marketing. Not just a legacy PRM, but an operating system that covers the full spectrum of your sales and marketing needs with the applications that are right for you. Discover the agile and flexible end-to-end solution. 

We built ChannelOS from the ground up as a comprehensive software suite to cover all the needs of your channel ecosystem. Maximum customisability and flexibility.

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Business planner

Business Planner allows you to set targets for your channel partners by level, region or any other criteria you choose. From there, this application helps all managers monitor their KPIs and respond accordingly. This way they can continue to ensure the success of their channel business.

Finding the right partners / ensuring they meet their objectives

With the Business Planner application, you can define what you want to achieve with your channel programme. You can set channel goals, determine how success will be measured and even identify how to find, recruit and rank the right partners for your business....
Define campaigns that help you achieve your business goals and track the progress of each partner. Know where you are with our Custom Performance Dashboard.
Manage MDF

Marketing Development Funds are a successful driver of the indirect sales channel. With Business Planner, MDF can be tied to business objectives. Within the application, you can monitor set budgets, respond to MDF requests and direct disbursements to partners.

Create reports
Easily and quickly conduct quarterly and annual reviews based on the metrics of your choice and business plans. Promote transparency with performance reports that are automatically sent to you and your partners. All key KPIs that are important to you and your business can be monitored with intelligent routing and logic to alert you when certain indicators require attention.
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Partner Onboarding

The first impression is a lasting impression. That's what the Partner Onboarding Module is for, to make it easier for your channel network to connect and grow . And it makes it easier for you to manage everything related to partners.

Every affiliate programme is unique

You define your partner levels with the requirements for each level and the KPIs that measure success. With the included partner activation workflows, checklists and built-in automation, you define the path a reseller must take to reach a specific partner level. Ensure that each partner is automatically linked to the right channel manager or resource.
Partner onboarding made easy
It's easy to partner with our click-through partner applications and integrated contract management. An easy-to-use partner finder is included. Decide which partners are in the finder and incentivise particularly active partners.
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Marketing Automation

Amplify your messages and news with the help of the Marketing Automation module. Provide co-branded material to your partners, create unique campaigns track the success of your partner marketing activities.

Spread their messages

Share all kinds of information with your partners: video, web content, email, etc.
With co-branding libraries and content syndication, partners can easily access the latest marketing materials with their logo and contact information automatically placed on them. And not just printed marketing material. Email campaigns and all kinds of social media posts are also supported. All of this can be segmented across partners in any way you define.
Apart from co-branded material, our content syndication feature allows partners to have a dynamically updated widget on their website displaying your latest news, events and offers. 
Don't you want all your partners to have the same information? You can also segment this information by any segment for a certain duration.
... and see what becomes of it

Track the success of your campaigns and see which ones are getting the results you want. Create as many campaigns as you like for as many affiliates as long as you like. By automatically distributing incoming leads based on the rules you set, affiliates automatically get the leads they want.

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Live and in colour


How about a solution that maps the world as it is? ChannelOS is designed to integrate third-party systems - including existing legacy PRM, CRM, LMS or ERP solutions.
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Sales Management

Keep an eye on the entire sales cycle and enable real growth in your channel. The Sales Management Module is designed with this in mind and helps you achieve success with a three-pronged approach.

Activate your partners

Partners can quickly and easily register sales offers or opportunities that provide you with all the information you need to accept that request.
Our Artificial Intelligence Engine is constantly looking for potential conflicts between partners and between partners and your direct sales force.
With just one click, partner managers can reject or approve deal registrations.
User-friendly, individual reporting
Now it's even easier to know what's happening in the channel. Create customised forecasts by partner, sales territory, etc. - depending on what you want to know about your channel's activities.
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Partner Community

Finally! An integrated collaboration portal so your partners can network, go the extra mile for you and sell!

Partner search

Enable your partners to connect with others through our easy-to-use partner directories and interest groups, and create a partner directory based on skills and areas of interest.
Discussion forums
Provide discussion forums with rating and voting. Now your partners can collaborate and discuss new feature requests or answers to frequently asked support questions. Even hold an online partner conference.
Communication in all ways
Promote and manage partner conferences and events simply and easily. Real-time chat, voice and video communication is included. (Usage is billed separately)
Shared calendars
Give everyone an overview of all activities in your community calendars and maps. Now your partners really know what's happening around them!
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Service Automation

A comprehensive cloud service ordering and delivery solution means you enable your partners to sell and deliver your SaaS solution quickly and easily.

Immediate provision

From the moment a customer places their order through the reseller portal, the SaaS solution is accurately and quickly provisioned and then delivered to the customer in near real-time. Add new SaaS solutions quickly and easily with custom workflows, WebAPI and callouts.
Monitor subscriptions
Stay informed. Keep track of when your customers need to renew their subscription and which partners are selling and delivering your solutions. Stay up to date. Get reports not only from the Service Automation application, but also get reports on your partners' activities - directly from the portal.
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Learning Management

The best way to ensure that your partners know the product is to provide training with in-house training and certification. Put training - or curricula online and make in-house training materials available for download. Do you use your own LMS? Then integrate it into ChannelOS and your partners can access it without media disruption.

Training plans and documents

Get your partners fit! Fill the training calendar with webinars and on-site trainings. Provide documents and links to your learning platforms and ensure success in selling your solutions.
Integrate your own LMS
Do you use your own LMS? Make sure your partners don't have to hop back and forth between individual applications! With our interfaces to all common learning management systems, we enable seamless access to your LMS via ChannelOS.
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Live and in colour


How about a solution that maps the world as it is? ChannelOS is designed to integrate third-party systems - including existing legacy PRM, CRM, LMS or ERP solutions.
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