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Representing numerous companies that have opened up new distribution channels in Europe, we experienced the diverse requirements that companies have for PRM solutions. We also experienced what was missing: comprehensive learning management solutions, cloud services delivery and a partner collaboration platform.
The daily work of developing sales channels, recruiting and training partners is a valuable, irreplaceable asset for any provider. It consists of clearly definable processes that can benefit from automation, tracking and consistent messaging
A well-managed channel benefits the sales team and helps retailers grow in vertical and horizontal markets that are normally beyond their reach.

We know the needs of the channel inside out and understand the requirements and shortcomings of PRM systems. That's why we founded channelXperts and developed ChannelOS, the most complete and compelling solution on the market, packaged in easily digestible modules and available as a SaaS solution. In fact, it's more than a platform; It's an engine. One that you can crank up and then watch work as if it were magic.

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Our history


Since 2011, ChannelXperts had specialised in the development and implementation of successful partner programmes for high-tech companies looking to expand into new regional or vertical markets through indirect sales channels. The ChannelXperts team has many years of experience in operational and strategic channel development and channel management. All our employees have previously worked in large medium-sized companies and have learned the channel business from the ground up. The PRM solutions we have developed have become more and more sophisticated and complete over the years due to specific customer requirements, so that today we are the leading software solution provider in the European market for Partner Relationship Management (PRM).

Today, we see ourselves as a fully-fledged PRM software solution provider with the claim: from ChannelXperts for Channel Experts!

Henry Ford said, "Save ten steps a day for twelve thousand employees. That will give you 50 miles of unnecessary manual labour and wasted energy that can be saved." Take his words and translate them into the digital world. Imagine what you will gain when you successfully automate your partner sales channels and partner processes. That is the beauty of Channel 4.0.
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Karl-Martin Haaf

CEO & Managing Director

Karl-Martin Haaf is the channel expert at ChannelXperts with decades of experience as a channel chief as well as in national and international management positions in well-known IT companies.

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