ChannelXperts Ambassador: Jörg Rieth - GTM Consulting

31 May 2022
ChannelXperts Ambassador: Jörg Rieth - GTM Consulting

30 May 2022, Karlsruhe (GER)

"Pragmatic channel consulting for software manufacturers" - this is the claim Jörg Rieth has been pursuing with his clients since the partner ecosystem expert started his own business. As a ChannelXperts Ambassador, Jörg advises software manufacturers with the motivation to achieve productive results after just a few days.

In doing so, Jörg can draw on his own extensive practical experience in topics such as partner enablement, sharpening the partner recruitment strategy, or expanding and focusing sales & marketing in the partner network.

The aim is to optimise the direct and indirect go-to-market of a software manufacturer in its entirety in order to achieve maximum scaling via partners together with direct sales.

"Often partners are very well positioned in the area of technical and professional topics. The software manufacturer can use this competence to position itself in the market with added value compared to competitors. As a rule, existing marketing and sales procedures must be optimised for this purpose," says Jörg Rieth. This process should be carried out in a joint effort by the manufacturer with its own employees and the partners. Jörg uses his years of experience to help partner and sales teams of software manufacturers grow faster in a joint GTM implementation.

About ChannelXperts: ChannelXperts is Europe's leading provider of Partner Relationship Management ("PRM") solutions that enable our customers to efficiently and professionally manage their partner networks and ecosystems. Our customers include strong brands such as IONOS and Matrix42, who use ChannelXperts solutions to enable their large number of partners at home and abroad to actively represent their vendor partnerships in the market and build profitable customer relationships.


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